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  • Physiotherapy treatment for elbow injuries

    Tennis Elbow

    Tennis elbow, or its technical name - lateral epicondylitis is inflammation of the extensor tendons that attach to the extensor muscles of the forearm that bend the wrist back. This inflammatory condition is common in racquet sports and jobs that require repetitive extension of the wrist - such as typing. Symptoms include pain and swelling on the outer side of the elbow, however pain may extend up above or down below the elbow.

    Golfers Elbow

    Golfers elbow, or medial epicondylitis is similar to tennis elbow, except that it's on the inside of the forearm. It is inflammation of the flexor tendons that attach to the flexor muscles of the forearm that flex the wrist. As the name suggests it is common in golfers, but you don't have to play golf to suffer from this condition.

    Your physiotherapist will explain your injury and what they can do to help you.